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We would like to invite you to two unique events as part of the TeH2O Route of Industry and Crafts Festival in Bydgoszcz to the Palace and Park Complex in Ostromecko. ZPP Ostromecko has joined the post-industrial trail and it is here that the final of the Tehofest events will take place. Join us for a unique event to the rhythm of machines, factories and the city!

The recording points have been divided thematically into water, industry, crafts and modernity (interviews with the people responsible for running the institutions along the route today). The interviews can be listened to on headphones and, in addition, loudspeakers have been installed in the room, from which sounds relating to water, industry and crafts will be played. The installation will open on 03.09.2022 and will be open to the public for a period of one month. Accompanying the opening of the audio installation will be a concert by Rafał Kołacki called Kill the Moonlight. A New Beginning, is drone-ambient electronica immersed in sonic magma, interspersed with moments of calm and silence. The sounds of Bydgoszcz's machines, factories and the city will also be heard during this audio performance.

The avant-garde of the 20th century turned its attention to the noise of machines as a full component of reality. Luigi Russolo himself, one of Marinetti's earliest and most enthusiastic followers, preached interventions in art forms that were radical in their simplicity, glorifying machines and the dynamic qualities associated with them: speed, size and force. Similarly, John Cage's manifesto referred to the widespread mechanisation and industrialisation of life, provided, as it were, their theoretical justification, and foreshadowed the direction in which the entire 20th-century musical avant-garde would follow. The late 1970s saw the birth, in a number of separate places around the world, of a musical movement called industrial, whose main inspiration was sounds combined with industry in the broadest sense.


A sound installation entitled "Machine. Factory. City" and the concert called "Kill the Moonlight. A New Beginning" were entirely inspired by the work of Bydgoszcz's factories, factories and the water industry. The sound exhibition Machine. Factory. The city was created in a specially arranged room of the Ostromecko Palace. It consisted of 4 listening booths emitting a series of interviews with workers from factories along the route. In addition to the historiographical element, ordinary conversations, and simple human stories, often full of love or drama, were also important factors in the creation of the installation. The result of the accumulated material was a collection of stories containing unique memories of the life of an ordinary person or an entire community living in a specific place and time (the heritage of the local environment).



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