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Achieving success, including in culture, would not be possible without the support of strong partners. In the implementation of projects, we cooperate with leading entities and benefit from their broad competencies. We invite all interested companies to cooperate with the Art Connections Foundation!


Our Partners:

The Municipal Cultural Center in Bydgoszcz organizes festivals, concerts, theatrical performances, exhibitions, urban actions, film series, workshops, and author meetings. It publishes books, records, and the monthly Bydgoszcz Cultural Guide. It is here that the Bydgoszcz Film Chronicle with excellent documentary filmmakers at the helm, the studio's Eagle Cinema, and Radio Culture operate. The ICC creates new models of activity in culture and through culture helps to develop a friendly city, as well as strengthen the bonds of the local community. Read more at

The Leon Wyczółkowski District Museum (MOB) is the oldest and largest museum institution in Bydgoszcz that collects, researches, and tells about the historical, artistic, and technical heritage of both Bydgoszcz and Poland and even Europe. The MOB team makes every effort to ensure that, the collections collected, their care and processing, and presentation, as well as the wide-ranging educational offer, aimed at all audiences, are carried out at the highest level of content, in a pleasant and friendly atmosphere. For more information, please visit

Międzygminny Kompleks Unieszkodliwiania Odpadów ProNatura Sp. z o.o. is a dynamically growing Bydgoszcz-based company that carries out the Municipality's own tasks in waste management, maintenance of cleanliness and order in the municipality, and environmental protection. The company was established in 2007 and responded to the changing market realities in the waste sector. It started modestly, with a landfill on Prądocinska Street, which housed its first headquarters, a few garbage trucks, and a dozen people, taken over from Zakład Robót Publicznych, its legal predecessor. Today, ProNatura is a sizable company employing several hundred people, operating, among other things, a state-of-the-art eco-electric power plant (in this plant, the process of burning garbage produces electricity and heat for residents) and a waste management facility with a sorting plant, receiving waste from several sectors of Bydgoszcz, and conducting educational activities to educate the public about environmental awareness, of which the city can be proud. For more information, please visit

CeX is a network of second-hand consumer electronics stores already with 10 stores in Poland (in Bydgoszcz at Gdanska 10). You can buy, sell and exchange your games, phones, consoles, laptops, tablets, computers, and electronics. Get better equipment cheaper by exchanging your unwanted stuff at CeX - all with a 24-month warranty. CEX is our Technology Partner for Tehofest projects. Read more at

Pineum is a graphic studio that implements multimedia projects for companies and cultural institutions and creates visual identity systems and websites, including the Starak Family Foundation, Lado ABC, ING Polish Art Foundation, and Art Connections Foundation. Jacek Doroszenko, who runs the studio, is also a regular contributor to our foundation's team. For more information about Pineum, visit

Mocna Kultura is one of the largest projects popularizing art in Polish social media. It gathers tens of thousands of fans on its Facebook and Instagram profiles. The aim of the project is to talk about art in clear, understandable language so as to encourage Poles to get in touch with beauty. The National Museum in Wroclaw, the Zamek Cultural Center in Poznan, MAC Edukacja Publishing House, Operis.Artis Gallery in Antonin and the State Art Gallery in Sopot have already cooperated with Mocna Kultura. For more information, visit the Mocna Kultura Facebook profile

Art Connections Foundation
invites you to cooperation

If you have an idea for an extraordinary event, but feel you do not have the right resources and are not quite sure how to proceed - we are here for you! Together we will create and deliver your special event.

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